Art Identity presents itself

ART IDENTITY was born with the aim of bringing young people and enthusiasts of all ages closer to the knowledge of the most important contemporary Italian artists. Supporting contemporary art on a national level means encouraging interest, research and above all sometimes allowing the discovery of surprising and innovative authors. It will be possible to consult digital artistic identity cards, under which each artist will answer 4 questions that will help to better understand each one's research and personality. The contents will be taken from a direct interview with the artist who will provide the answers. In closing, a short critical text will conclude the artist's presentation. In the Artists section you will find all the published identity cards. For logistical and in-depth reasons, the identity card of one artist will be published per week, on Wednesdays on the social networks Instagram (link in bio), Facebook and LinkedIn. The texts will always be written in Italian and English, to allow as many users as possible to read them. For any type of request or information, see the Contacts section.